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Birthdate:Mar 7
Oh snap! You found me!
And I thought I had such a good disguise, too.
Well, while you're here, I might as well give you some basic facts about myself. I'm Kristin (aka Puff .. I go by either, really, so pick your favorite and lets move on), I'm 26, I live in Chicago, and I work in the endlessly frustrating world of publishing. I'm a self-proclaimed pop culture junkie, and I channel a lot of my tv/music/whatever musings into my blog Sheer Puffery, whenever I remember to actually write in it. I also have a tumblr (She's Waiting) and a twitter that I update a lot more frequently.

As you can probably see, this journal is friends-locked. If you're dying to get in (for whatever reason), drop me a line and we'll chat. If not, then have a nice day!

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